Verona Consulting supports its clients’ transformation journeys by designing strategy, building capabilities and accelerating change.

Risto Pennanen

“In many a field, the market has changed rapidly because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With 25 years of experience in change management in business, we help companies adapt to sudden changes”,

says Kim Kaijasilta, CEO of Verona Consulting.

Verona Consulting itself has gone through some changes in recent years. The latest reforms took place in late 2022, when Verona Consulting and Verona Growth combined their activities and Kaijasilta started as the CEO of the company in November.

Verona Consulting continues its journey of change to become a more client-oriented and co-directed organisation. Verona Consulting has also finished fine-tuning its service offering to ensure that the company’s services meet its clients’ needs better.

Change creates new opportunities

Changes in a company’s operating environment can create new business opportunities. The more substantial the change, the faster a company must seek new business opportunities on the market.

Naturally, a company can discover new potential and even change the market to improve its chances of success under secure operating conditions as well.

Verona Consulting supports its clients’ journey of change, whether the client is aiming to change in order to grow or transform or for some other reason. Kaijasilta’s team helps businesses create a change strategy, develop competencies, and accelerate the change. These three factors are the keys to a successful change.

In strategy work, Verona Consulting provides tools for anticipating the turns of the market and identifying new business opportunities and helps its clients make strategic decisions. Strategy design should never rest in a modern and precarious operating environment. Companies must challenge their views and expectations and analyse their strategic decisions. In addition, thorough strategy work ensures the effective prioritisation, enforcement and implementation of decisions made.

In capability building, Verona Consulting helps the client identify and develop capabilities that are critical to the company’s future, helps the client identify and validate potential partners, and assists them in building business ecosystems. Capability building is useful when the changes concern customer service, internal operations or management in B2B activities.

In change acceleration, Verona Consulting helps companies complete large-scale change programmes, realise business gains, and build client-oriented processes. We believe that the development of strategic competencies and company culture, agile management, and constant learning are the keys to measurable results and success in fast-paced, dynamic operating environments.

Kim Kaijasilta believes that there is currently a high demand for Verona Consulting’s 25 years of experience in change management in business..

”We promise to challenge your thinking”

Verona Consulting’s three-step service offering may seem simple, but each step contains a multitude of services and solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

“We offer comprehensive services and many alternative approaches and working methods because every client’s situation is unique”,

says Kaijasilta.

Verona Consulting’s portfolio includes data-oriented, analytical consulting solutions, participatory coaching-style approaches, and individual coaching services. In addition, Verona Consulting offers a participatory digital tool LOGE, which allows even a larger number of personnel to discuss their company’s needs for change and contribute to the change process.

 ABB Motion’s project is a great example of this – we succeeded in identifying the global sales organisation’s best practices for interacting with different customer groups.

“Data and people are often the cornerstones of successful change management. That is why we help our clients both analyse data and develop the competencies of their personnel and company”,

Kaijasilta explains.

Challenging the client’s thinking and focusing on what is essential are at the core of Verona Consulting’s customer promises. It is of critical importance to challenge people’s ideas and beliefs because people are often guided by their sector’s prevailing beliefs, their company’s views, and their personal experiences. These factors usually help build an accurate picture of the world, but not always. Verona Consulting provides its clients with an external view that challenges their usual lines of thinking.

Importance of competent consultants

Verona’s consultants play a crucial role in the process. Verona provides the framework for its consultants, but it is up to the consultants working with the client to deliver successful results.

“My most important task as the new CEO is to ensure that our personnel find their work rewarding and meaningful. People are our most valuable resource, which is also reflected in customer satisfaction”,

says Kaijasilta.

Verona Consulting in brief

  • We help companies and organisations accelerate growth and renew their existing business activities in an ever-changing operating environment
  • 25 years of experience in managerial consulting in a changing operating environment
  • Over 30 passionate experts with an extensive experience in building success
  • We bring different business methods and a person-oriented approach together to deliver sustainable change
  • We serve a large group of clients in all sectors from medium-sized to large companies as well as public organisations
  • We are part of Verona Group, which is focused on delivering sustainable growth and producing measurable results for both companies and entrepreneurs.

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