Verona Tax and Legal is a partner for companies providing growth, continuity, and wealth management. We are an advisor for companies and their owners at all stages of the lifecycle of companies and entrepreneurs.

Verona Tax and Legal is an expert company specialized in business growth, continuity, and wealth management. We are an advisor for companies, entrepreneurs, and business management at all stages of the company lifecycle. We are there to advise and assist companies within different company lifecycle stages and changes, from starting up a business to achieving growth. We help with organizational structure, generational and ownership planning, internationalization, and wealth management.

We possess extensive experience and knowledge in personal and company taxation as well as ownership arrangements and legal services. Taxation impacts nearly all aspects of financial planning and implementation, which is at the core of our expertise, together with legal services and implementation of different ownership arrangements.

Our broad professional expertise and extensive networks allow us to give comprehensive advice and to build and implement unique solutions that benefit the entrepreneur, companies and other key stakeholders, including across several generations, if necessary.

Our expertise lies is advising entrepreneurial-driven companies. Our tailored solutions are tailored to meet their challenges and changing operative environments.

Comprehensive advice for entrepreneurs and owners.


Legal Services

Ownership Arrangements

On which stage of entrepreneurship or ownership are you at?


Every business starts from scratch, but the starting point is more explosive for some than for others. If a new company generates significant cash flow right from the start and growth is rapid, just finding a high-quality accounting firm may not be enough.

For example, it is known that gaming industry companies quickly develop significant exit values. In that case, entrepreneurs should consider the possibilities related to ownership structure with an advisor specialized in the field right from the start-up phase of the company.

A generational change can also represent a new beginning for both the company and its shareholders, during which the decisions made can impact far into the future.


The growth phase of a company typically involves rapid development and potential risks, as well as changes in share ownership, the introduction of new owners, and wealth accumulation within the firm.

Current and new shareholders of a growth-oriented company can evaluate aspects such as the structure of share ownership, financing options, the contents of shareholder agreements, and methods for increasing ownership stakes. Utilizing expert advice is advantageous to ensure that all considerations align with the company’s future objectives and strategies, while also addressing the cash flow needs and tax considerations of shareholders and their families.


When a business expands internationally, both opportunities and risks multiply.

Group and ownership structures, financing solutions for internationalization and stock acquisitions, as well as issues related to locations, form a complex whole that impacts both the company and its owners. We assist in optimizing the entire package, ensuring consideration of the company’s future, taxation, risks associated with market areas, and the personal finances of the owners.


At first glance, one might think that wealth accumulation is the easiest and most pleasant phase in a company’s lifecycle. In reality, it is one of the most challenging. What should be done with the accumulated wealth?

It is crucial to plan the ownership structure of a prosperous company correctly, as it impacts the tax efficiency of dividend distributions and exit scenarios, risk management, future partnerships, and employee engagement opportunities. Managing the financial assets accumulated in the company should also be done in a tax-efficient manner that supports the company’s future operations.


A company facing financial difficulties typically requires assistance in securing additional financing or restructuring existing financing. It’s important to consider the impacts of chosen solutions on the company’s ownership structure and taxation. We can assist both new and existing shareholders of a crisis-stricken company with risk and liability issues, as well as the tax treatment of losses.

Financially challenging years could potentially be leveraged for future tax planning. Times of crisis may also influence the optimal timing for implementing a generational transition or engaging employees.


When a business or part of it changes ownership, the final objectives or reasons for the sale significantly influence how the transaction should be organized. It is also advisable to consider the future use and investment of the funds released from the business sale during the selling phase.

We have successfully assisted numerous client companies in business sale negotiations and in preparing all necessary documentation. We also help both businesses that have completed transactions and individuals in planning and implementing tax-efficient management of the released funds.

Resignation / Generation change

Retirement. Becoming the chairman of the board. Generational transition. Sale. There are many different ways to let go of a company, and the timing of relinquishment is not always in the owner’s control.

Is there a successor known for the company? Has the company accumulated assets that you do not want to relinquish along with it? Do you need returns from the company even after letting go? To what extent are you willing to commit to the company’s operational activities? We design and implement the necessary ownership structure and other arrangements according to the relinquisher’s wishes. After the transfer, we assist in managing personal wealth, tax planning, and estate planning.

New start

The choices made prior to and during a generational transition can impact both the company’s operations and the personal finances of the successors well into the future. Therefore, they should be managed carefully.

What tax reliefs are currently possible, and what changes are necessary to fully utilize these reliefs? How can taxes and any potential sale price be paid? Who will have control of the company, and should an agreement be drafted between siblings, for example? We help answer these and other questions related to generational transitions and implement the necessary arrangements.

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