Verona Tax and Legal is a partner for companies providing growth, continuity, and wealth management. We are an advisor for companies and their owners at all stages of the lifecycle of companies and entrepreneurs.

By understanding the needs of the business, its owners and their families, we are one step ahead of others

Verona Tax and Legal is an expert company specialized in business growth, continuity, and wealth management. We are an advisor for companies, entrepreneurs, and business management at all stages of the company lifecycle. We are there to advise and assist companies within different company lifecycle stages and changes, from starting up a business to achieving growth. We help with organizational structure, generational and ownership planning, internationalization, and wealth management.

We possess extensive experience and knowledge in personal and company taxation as well as ownership arrangements and legal services. Taxation impacts nearly all aspects of financial planning and implementation, which is at the core of our expertise, together with legal services and implementation of different ownership arrangements.

Our broad professional expertise and extensive networks allow us to give comprehensive advice and to build and implement unique solutions that benefit the entrepreneur, companies and other key stakeholders, including across several generations, if necessary.

Our expertise lies is advising entrepreneurial-driven companies. Our tailored solutions are tailored to meet their challenges and changing operative environments.

Comprehensive advice for entrepreneurs and owners


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Sami Kurki

Tax Advisor

+358 40 511 1502

Anna Vaininen

Tax Advisor – On maternity leave

+358 40 028 5466

Joni Korhonen

Tax Advisor

+358 40 759 2128

Juha Sainio

Tax Advisor

+358 40 755 3038

Jukka Nisonen

Tax Partner

+358 40 552 9058

Maija Hakonen

Tax Advisor

+358 40 773 7212

Monica Pohjoisaho

Tax Advisor

+358 50 591 9801

Päivi Ahanen-Raitio

Tax Partner

+358 40 766 1884

Samu Yliselä

Tax Advisor

+358 40 822 3438

Sanni Peltola

Tax Advisor

+358 50 407 2601

Santtu Rinne

Corporate Law Advisor

+358 50 341 6488

Tiina Helminen

Tax Partner

+358 50 322 3644

Vivi-Ann Viitala

Corporate Law Advisor, Tax Advisor

+358 50 555 6686

Alex Björklund

Tax Advisor, Wealth Planning

+358 40 738 7117