Circular success cases from LOOP

During the past three years, we have built LOOP, the leading circular economy ecosystem in the Nordics, helping companies, big and small, to collaborate and pilot circular business models on the market.

Circular business models cannot be built alone and therefore we have gathered professionals from diverse backgrounds around specific themes to identify the pain points and ideate new circular solutions with great success. During the past two years;

  • We have developed and piloted 9 new concepts, of which 3 are on the market today.
  • 51 Nordic companies have participated in LOOP projects.
  • Altogether 37 circular business model pilot ideas were generated together with Nordic companies.
  • Over 1200 people from 40 countries have participated LOOP events and projects.
  • We have hosted 22 events, including webinars, workshops and LOOP labs.

Nordic Innovation podcast: Innovation for circular solutions – experiences from LOOP Lab

In a Nordic Innovation podcast we talk about how the Nordic LOOP Labs have contributed to moving circular economy from strategy to business by facilitating collaborations and identifying concrete actions and ideas that meet the needs of the user.

Besides Moona Pohjola and Maria Klint from LOOP,  we also hear from Jenni Tuomisto from Schibsted Finland about how Finland’s biggest consumer marketplace Tori has worked with the LOOP circular innovation process. The podcast is hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen and part of Nordic Innovation podcast, Nordic Innovation Forecast. 

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Getting started with circular economy is tough and even harder alone. It may already be part of company’s future strategy, but those first steps towards concrete actions are difficult to take.

We are here to get you started on the right path, guide you with every step of the way from discovering the opportunities to accelerating the process with the right partners. We have been building Nordic circular accelerator LOOP since 2018 and we explore, innovate and pilot to create the best circular business opportunities for your company from strategy to action

We explore, innovate and pilot to curate the best circular opportunities for your company, from strategy to action. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Read more about our circular services:

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