First half of the first Nordic ScaleUp Academy program has been running in a productive spirit. The program started last August with 6 Finnish and 4 Swedish companies and we asked what the participants had to say about the program so far;

“The course has really given us practical tools to work with and pushed us several steps further on our journey to mature as a management team.”

“Opens your eyes to the basic imperatives of business principles you should focus on more in your company.”

Check out the video for more insights from QuietOn, Solnet and Symcel!

Seuraavat evästetyypit tulee olla hyväksyttynä videoupotusten näyttämiseksi:
statistics, marketing.

Muuta evästeasetuksia katsoaksesi videon.

Nordic ScaleUp Academy is based on the ScaleUp methodology that has globally helped over 70.000 companies to scale their business. Before bringing the program to the Nordic level, the program’s head coach Pelle Tornell has run the program in Sweden for three years with over 100 companies.

For a business to be scalable, its processes and leadership team needs to develop their ways of working. Nordic ScaleUp Academy is a structured way to go through these processes and guide you through critical steps on your growth journey. From the program you get concrete tools on strategy and execution, as well as having critical management team discussion on where to focus. Every minute invested in the program develops your company forward. 

We will launch the next program in August 2022. The enrollment is now open and will close on the 15th of May for Finnish companies and other Nordic countries by the end of June. 

The program is most valuable for companies with a minimum turnover of 2 MEUR, at least ten employees and a management team, and a scalable business model. Public funding is available in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland to cover the costs of the program.

Nordic ScaleUp Academy has ten seats for Nordic scale-ups eager to expand their business effectively. So invest in your business by joining us now!

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Anu Pousi