The new normal is going to be different; and there is no going back. The speed of change will continue to accelerate.

This is why we are building a unique advisory business which is designing, structuring, developing and scaling game changing international businesses. Our mission is to modernize advisory services because our customers need truly trusted partners, innovative solutions and international experts, who can bring the best solutions from around the globe and give our clients the confidence to know we deliver what we say.

We have brought together tax and legal advisers, strategy consultants, business growth gurus, ecosystem orchestrators, leadership coaches, wealth planning experts and innovators.

We have combined our Verona businesses, Talent Vectia and part of Avanto Ventures, and built a unique Group for our clients and partners.

A new enterprise has been born, with an exceptional team of more than 90 experts in Europe focused on building sustainable growth and delivering real, measurable results to our customers. We are excited to start the journey…

Get to know our services:

Verona Consulting

Renewal of leadership and organizations, and creation of growth and transformation strategies are our key competences within management consulting. We help our customers to build permanent capabilities to support their growth and renewal by engaging methods and analytical business consultation. 

Verona Growth

Verona Growth is your partner in renewal and collaborative innovation. We discover new businesses and renew existing ones by helping you to work with and like startups.

Verona Multi Family Office

Based in Luxembourg, soon to be launched Verona Multi Family Office is at the heart of Europe’s financial sector. We build trust and help our international clients to successfully plan, preserve, risk manage and grow their wealth across multiple jurisdictions and generations.

Verona Tax & Legal

Verona Tax and Legal is a partner for companies providing growth, continuity, and wealth management. We are an advisor for companies and their owners at all stages of the lifecycle of companies and entrepreneurs and during changes.

Verona Ventures

Verona Ventures is a unique incubation and business development firm. We invent, build and scale growth companies changing industries. We are co-founders, innovators, growth architects, strategists and financial advisors.

Verona Wealth Planning

Verona Wealth planning specializes in structural asset management plans and risk life insurances, both for companies and individuals. We operate as an insurance agent in Finland. Tax efficiency, flexibility of the structuring and investor protection are the core of our expertise.

Our insights: