We help to build international success stories

We are dedicated to discovering new growth companies, creating sustainable growth and building shareholder value for our partners.

We believe in entrepreneurship and the power of cooperation

We work with small and medium sized innovative companies helping them to scale and increase their value. We want to do our share in building a better tomorrow.

We have extensive experience in building successful entrepreneurial-driven companies. Our team backgrounds include corporate finance, management consulting, M&A and investing into startups and scaleups. We have also a large international network of senior advisors, corporate executives, investors and entrepreneurs.

Would you like to further accelerate your company’s growth?

  • You might have a successful company and want to grow your business to the next stage. Maybe your plan is to list or sell your business in a couple of years, but another growth phase is still needed.
  • We help you to find and build new growth businesses. As a business partner, we plan the best financial solutions and find the right investors to support your next stage of growth. From our wide network we help you find likeminded entrepreneurs, growth builders, international business specialists and other important influencers for your business.

Are You interested in starting a new growth business

  • You might be an experienced entrepreneur with one or more exits behind you. You have an idea for your next big thing, but this time you want to build your growth business faster and larger than before.
  • As your partner we can offer excellent resources for your journey. We will provide an exceptional team to assist you, and find the needed investors. We work both on the operational level, as well as with your board and owners.

Are you looking to find exceptional targets to invest in?

  • Are you an investor or a member of a family business looking for meaningful and scalable businesses to invest in? Scalable business opportunities and the right business are important factors for you when choosing targets for investing.
  • We can connect you with growth opportunities and companies which cannot be found elsewhere. Companies in our network are not only high-risk technology ventures, but versatile businesses. We can find the best fitting targets for you.

Case examples of our portfolio companies

LJ Sports changes the world of elite sports management.

In 2020 we started LJ Sports Group (www.ljsports.group) together with Ivan Ljubičić, the coach of Roger Federer. LJ Sports renew the coaching and managing of top athletes by bringing to the market a completely new, holistic environment where athletes can optimize their career and finances.
Verona provides the solid economical and financial know-how for the athletes’ personal finances, and advise them with the contract negotiations, organizational structures, taxation, wealth planning, insurances and positioning the athlete’s brand with other business opportunities.

We have realized that growth companies and top athletes share similar characteristics, such as a passion for what they do, perseverance, goal-orientation, relentlessness, competitiveness, and resilience under pressure. That is why working with the top athletes is very familiar and rewarding for us.

Read more: www.ljsports.group

Sports and Entertainment Advisory

Rewriting the sports and entertainment management.


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Managing Partner

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Makke Martikainen

Sports and Entertainment Advisor

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Jukka Mildh

Sports and Entertainment Advisor

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Iines Veistola

Venture Analyst

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Would you like to work at Verona Ventures?

We are hiring, and we have extremely interesting positions open. We are looking for experienced growth-minded people to build new success stories with us. You can either work as an employee or a partner. For us your contribution and results matter the most.

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