Verona Growth helped Technopolis identify and shape new service concepts to keep up with the latest developments within the office space provider market and extend their current service portfolio.


Technopolis wanted to keep up with the latest developments in the office space provider market and serve their tenant customers better by offering them new services. Technopolis looked to extend their current service portfolio by looking at the innovation landscape and identifying what kind of new concepts & services are rising in the market space.

What Verona Growth did:

In the first phase Verona Growth screened the global innovation landscape and went through the best global benchmarks to build a comprehensive picture of the innovation trends within the market. In the next phase Verona Growth, together with Technopolis team, identified the best potential opportunities for Technopolis based on the previous phase screening, and in the end 4 new service concepts were chosen for further validation. In the final phase these 4 concepts were validated through gathering customer feedback from potential customers, discussing with relevant Technopolis experts and screening for potential pilot partners.

Identifying and shaping new service concepts


“Verona helped us to identify new business concepts and prioritize, validate & shape them based on our and our customers needs & aspirations. As a result we were able to move to the piloting phase with 4 new service concepts. The project was conducted with a wellfunctioning framework and collaboration with our team.”

Terhi Aho, Head of Concept Development, Technopolis

After the joint collaboration, Technopolis started piloting 4 new service concepts either independently or with identified piloting partners.

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