The services provided by the company include finding new growth opportunities, building partnerships with growth companies as well as orchestrating ecosystems.

“Combining Avanto’s approach with Verona’s existing services makes us an even stronger partner to build growth with. Together we can serve our customers in all aspects of renewal and growth. Avanto’s unique approach to the analysis of the global growth company landscape and the identification of actionable growth opportunities, compliments the services Verona has provided to family businesses for a decade. In addition, by combining Avanto’s experiences with ecosystems to the knowhow of Verona Consulting (formerly Talent Vectia), we become a clear market leader in this field”.

States Marko Nokka, CEO of Verona Group.

“We are excited to join the team of 90 experts at Verona. After the merger, we continue to provide our growth and renewal services. As a part of the Verona Group, we are able to serve our clients with an even broader service portfolio which includes tax and legal services, strategy advice, training and wealth management, both domestically and internationally. We have strong synergies in growth building services and ecosystem orchestration”.

Says Avanto Ventures’ founder JP Virtanen, who will work for Verona Group after the acquisition.

“Together with Avanto we will also build a completely new unit within Verona, Verona Ventures, which will create innovative new ventures and also have the possibility to have ownership in these ventures. We have already created one such venture, LJ Sports Group, that focuses on top-level sports athletes and we look forward to working with JP to grow this business”.

Says David Steinegger, Chairman of the Board of Verona Group.

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