Team Verona is exercising! While loving to do what we do, most of our work is done at our desks, especially now when the e-meetings have become the new normal. This is why Verona is focusing on employee wellbeing and boosting the physical activity of the team. Time seems to be the biggest barrier to physical activity, so we threw Verona Sports Challenge to encourage our experts to incorporate more exercise in their daily lives and find at least 30 minutes a day for being more active.

Verona Sports Challenge was a 3-week competition during which Verona athletes put all their efforts to exercise as much as possible. And we did – in total, our team exercised 1 157 hours!

A good prize makes a great competition. We wanted to make this challenge even more meaningful by giving back to the community and donated the prize money to the preferred charity. The winning team chose to donate to Ensi- ja Turvakotien Liitto, which supports the wellbeing and development of children and young people.

With such a positive response to this challenge, we’ll keep moving and supporting our team to be more active in the future as well. Let’s keep going!