Pascal Rapallino, Managing Director of Verona Multi-Family Office is joining the Luxembourg Wealth Management Day in Paris, 30th November 2023 as a speaker and moderator.

The ‘Luxembourg Wealth Management Day in Paris’ (LDW 23) is going to be a pivotal gathering in the wealth and asset management industry, addressing a wide array of topics from global market insights to advanced international wealth strategies. This event stands as a key platform for industry professionals to delve into the evolving landscape of wealth management, offering a blend of traditional and innovative approaches.

LDW 23 promises an in-depth exploration of current trends in asset management, emphasizing family wealth planning, real estate investments, and sustainable investment practices. The event is uniquely positioned to discuss alternative investment opportunities, including art and rare wines, broadening the investment spectrum for attendees.

Functioning as a hub for knowledge and strategic thinking, LDW 23 aims to equip participants with insights and tools essential for navigating the complex world of wealth management. Its diverse sessions are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in today’s investment climate.”