David Steinegger joined the Verona Group as an Advisor in 2012, subsequently becoming Chairman of the Board until early 2022 when he stepped down from this role to help focus on establishing Verona’s multi-family office in Luxembourg.

Born in Switzerland, raised in Ireland, married to an English lady and having lived in Luxembourg for 12 years until 2012, David thrives in an international multi-cultural environment. He holds a business degree, a professional accounting qualification and has spent his career in banking and insurance, including 11 years as CEO of a fast growing international Luxembourg based insurance company.

Alongside his major focus on the multi-family office, David is also involved in several start-ups and charities. David thrives on relationship building, and helping individuals and teams to achieve their maximum.

If you speak to anyone who knows or has worked with David they will tell you that his people centric focus and his ability to make people feel heard has positively impacted them.

In his free time, David loves running, family time, and together with his wife he is involved in a number of international impact projects and working with couples to strengthen their relationships.

What pushes him to do more? The amazing challenges and opportunities the world is facing, and a strong conviction that everyone can have an impact for good, even if that is just with one person.

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