The life span of a large corporation is short. According to research, only 10% of companies founded in 1976 survived 10 years. The need to renew and to build new growth businesses has grown significantly in importance during the 21st century as digitalization and consumer behaviour are developing and changing markets faster than ever before. During the 13 years in strategy & business development, business intelligence, mergers & acquisitions, finance and operational efficiency improvement, I have witnessed this change in reality. Where there is change, there are threats and more importantly opportunities.

Writer Olli Halme, Chief Operation Officer at Verona Growth, is a business development professional with a remarkable career both in global corporations and consultancies.

I want to help our customers navigate forward in this rapidly changing business environment. I strongly believe my wide strategy experience combined with Verona Growth’s methodology will enable us to help our customers to renew and grow. I have experience in strategy & business development in various business environments ranging from startups to multi-billion-euro corporations – both as a management consultant and as a strategy professional at individual companies. I had thought I wouldn’t return to management consulting. However, I was convinced about Verona Growth’s value-adding, fresh approach to provide truly new outside-in perspectives and agile tools to strategy development, innovation and business renewal and growth.

We can help you with topics that I strongly feel are vital to your long term success.

Olli Halme, COO at Verona Growth helps companies to renew and grow by new outside-in perspectives and agile tools to strategy development and innovation.

Anticipating and foreseeing market developments:

Typically companies rely on historical data or at least historical correlations when forecasting the future. Verona Growth will bring you non-linear foresight on potential market discontinuities. We analyse what the most innovative entrepreneurs and growth companies globally are developing, where venture capital financing is flowing and, more importantly, why. These findings and benchmarks will give new perspectives to our customers’ strategic thinking and planning to help them avoid disruption and continue growing.

Identifying new innovation and business opportunities:

Often companies do their business development in silos and focus on product development. We translate the gathered outside-in market foresight together with our customers into concrete innovation and business opportunities. We are not limited to only product innovation, but look at also innovations in the internal set-up of your company (profit model, network to create value, processes, structure), your offering (product performance, product system) and your customers’ experience (services, channel, brand, customer engagement).

Image 2. To be able to innovate and differentiate from your competition, you need to anticipate market developments better than they do. This is where our discovery services can help.

Speeding up and improving development activities:

In many cases, innovation and development is done internally utilizing traditional project management tools. Our principles are to utilize the existing knowhow out there in the market, to test the concepts and learn from the market, and to prioritize ruthlessly. If someone has developed it already, don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather team up with them and co-create together. Actively gather feedback, validate your assumptions, pilot and readjust accordingly your development projects and the entire portfolio. We will find the right tools and the right partners and ecosystems for your specific needs.

It has been an extremely inspiring first three months. I have been actively engaged in interesting projects, a lot of sales and business development activities, met a lot of new people and many old friends, had numerous interesting discussions on business development and growth as well as been involved in certain Verona-wide integration projects. I had high expectations towards our team and our culture. I have been overwhelmed and very much positively surprised by my new professional and collaborative colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you – onboarding has been fast-paced, concrete and warm.

I am specifically responsible for the sales and development of our discovery services: providing our customers new strategic foresight, supporting them to make their key strategic choices, identifying new development opportunities for growth and renewal, prioritising the development portfolios and concepting individual business development projects.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on your strategy development, strategic planning or strategy implementation.

Whether you are reevaluating your competitive strategy or preparing for a strategy development process/workshop, looking to improve your anticipation capability, assessing your business development project portfolio or planning how to best plan your specific development project, we will give you valuable actionable advice.

Now is the time to act to ensure your strategy & business development continues with full speed after the holiday season. We are already selling our Q3 & Q4 and assessing whether to recruit more growth experts to support our growing business.

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