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We support in developing the best innovation and venturing models and setting up agile and business oriented development approaches.

Innovation is difficult and many organizations struggle in it. Great innovation organizations generate a lot of ideas, develop them in an agile manner constantly testing and learning, and ruthlessly prioritize and creatively combine innovation ideas. 

Ever since the times of Thomas Edison, great innovation has been done collaboratively. As much as being a great innovator, Edison was a leader of innovation. Despite generating over 1.000 patented innovations over a 60-year career, maybe his notable contribution was his artisan-oriented shops where innovators collaborated – a new approach to organizing for innovation. The same underlying logic is applied nowadays to companies’ R&D laboratories and teams. 

Modern innovation organizations take collaboration to the next level. They expand on and complement internal innovation (R&D) and acquired innovation (M&A) with external innovation (venturing, innovation partnerships and ecosystems, open innovation, corporate venture capital). External innovation can generate lots of new ideas and widen your innovation portfolio, speed up your innovation cycles, and give you access to new and leading talent and thinking.

We challenge you to look beyond your internal innovation and to fire a lot of bullets with small investments and once the line of sight is validated, load up and fire the expensive cannonball for big successes. Don’t reinvent the wheel and reap the benefits of collaborative external innovation. 

Our thought-through innovation approach brings concrete benefits for your business

1. Ideas translated faster into tangible projects 

2. Ensures balanced portfolio of projects

3. Systematic way of working supports brand building towards being an innovation forerunner

4. Transforms your culture to be more agile and test-driven

5. Engages employees

6. Gives you access to otherwise unreachable talent

7. Brings you new insights from a network of startups, investors and partners

8. Offers you foresight into the future technologies and business models

9. Creates a systematic way to identify new M&A and investment opportunities for you

10. Helps and supports in defining and building your own innovation operating and governance model

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