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We translate market foresight into actionable, value creating business opportunities for growth and renewal.

Industry boundaries are dissolving through the dramatic growth of digitalization. Staying competitive requires looking outside and understanding the changes affecting your industry.

Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs have the most skin-in-the-game. Therefore, it is a great source for non-linear, genuinely new information. Following where new companies are forming and where venture capital money flows, provides unique insights into new and emerging trends. Diving deeper into the companies gives you tangible insights and interesting benchmarks on technologies, business models, new products and services. We combine this foresight with thought leader, customer and expert insights to build a market driven outlook of the future.

Contact us if you want to;

  • Understand what technologies, business models and companies may disrupt your business and turn that understanding into business opportunities
  • Build a future proof vision for a business or category
  • Support your strategic decision-making with a new source of foresight
  • Work on a partner or ecosystem strategy

Customer cases

Read more about how we have helped our customers to identify innovation trends, find new development partners, discover business opportunities and supported them with strategic decision making:

Creating a vision and development roadmap for Hankkija in a digitalising market


Smart farming is changing the farming market landscape both globally and in Finland. As a forerunner in the industry, Hankkija had worked on the topic with various projects and now wanted to build a holistic view about the trends and non-linearities that may change their operating environment in the future so that they can serve their customers better. 

What Verona Growth did:

Verona Growth screened the global growth company landscape to identify to what kinds of companies, technologies and business models the venture capital investments are flowing to. Based on the insights, clear global trends were identified. Verona Growth interviewed farmers and experts in Finland to build an understanding of the relevance of these trends in Hankkija’s operating environment. Based on all the insights, a future view was developed to portray what smart farming will look like in 2027 for Hankkija’s customers. Finally, together with the cross-functional Hankkija project team, a customer-driven vision with a clear development roadmap was built for Hankkija. 


With the project, Hankkija built a company-wide common understanding of how their customers’ needs will develop in the coming years. The vision and roadmap will guide them on where to focus and how to use the development resources, as well as build alignment across the organization.

Identifying and shaping new service concepts for Technopolis


Technopolis wanted to keep up with the latest developments in the office space provider market and serve their tenant customers better by offering them new services. Technopolis looked to extend their current service portfolio by looking at the innovation landscape and identifying what kind of new concepts & services are rising in the market space.

What Verona Growth did:

In the first phase Verona Growth screened the global innovation landscape and went through the best global benchmarks to build a comprehensive picture of the innovation trends within the market. In the next phase Verona Growth, together with Technopolis team, identified the best potential opportunities for Technopolis based on the previous phase screening, and in the end 4 new service concepts were chosen for further validation. In the final phase these 4 concepts were validated through gathering customer feedback from potential customers, discussing with relevant Technopolis experts and screening for potential pilot partners.


After the joint collaboration, Technopolis started piloting 4 new service concepts either independently or with identified piloting partners.

Insights for emerging business models and technologies for building materials

Uponor’s infrastructure and buildings business segments built a better understanding which new technologies and business models are emerging in their strategic business domains through analyzing the growth company landscape. In addition, new potential partners were identified.

Industrial digitalization in Maritime Industry

Meyer Turku had been looking for new solutions for tracking their pipe factory’s lead times to understand and plan their workloads better. Previously, all potential partners had requested building a new solution from scratch. By partnering up with Tulip, Meyer Turku was able to digitise the pipe factory’s welding process within weeks and with a minimal investment. Read more!

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