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Does your leadership structure and competence enable successful implementation of strategy? Are you truly able to measure the effectiveness of your strategic actions? Is it clear to the entire organization what the goals mean in terms of individuals and daily operations? Is leadership a competitive advantage for you?

We believe that the difference between a successful and a failed renewal or strategy is good leadership.

Developing Leadership and organizations

Leadership models – Success in a changing operating environment requires agile, transparent, and versatile information-based management. Network management is emphasized, and new challenges also arise for management processes, know-how and systems. The ability to see different alternative scenarios and being able to adapt to rapidly changing situations separates successful organizations from others.

Management structures – Mere competence is, however, not enough and structures, processes and management models must genuinely support and enable the desired way of working. In many organizations, this is an organization-wide change journey where, in addition to processes and systems, the organizational culture must be examined. Our key expertise is to help you strategically define key management principles, define how these are reflected in the organization’s structures and processes, and create the necessary control methods to support the strategy in practice.

Strategic competence – Growth and renewal require a vision of the competences needed in the future and their alternative development methods. We can help your company with identifying the skills and abilities needed in the future and build alternative scenarios. We can facilitate discussion both in management groups and by engaging with the organization more broadly. It’s in our best interest to plan strategy and development programs that best serve your organization. We don’t only help in the implementation processes but can also support you in project management and in the development of project management skills.

Leadership– ​​Humane leadership is one of the biggest competitive factors of an organization today. A competent and people-oriented management culture can be the factor that decides whether your organization will have the skills needed to implement strategy in the future. When the management structures and operating methods are in order, it’s time to develop the leadership skills of individuals and teams. Coaching management, change management, and supporting self-guiding and an agile way of working are important skills that every manager needs. At Verona Consulting, leadership development always starts from the needs of the business. In addition to people management skills, we help the organization develop the business skills of management, supervisors and experts in different business areas.

Benefits of working with us

  • We have thirty years of experience in leadership and organizational development in both the private and public sectors
  • Our philosophy for leadership and organizational development is always based on the (business) strategy and the implementation of its goals
  • We help your organization define and prioritize the most important issues to be developed; whether they were human skills related to management or systemic development of organizational structures and processes.
  • We are used to working both with management teams and engaging the entire organization in management development.
  • Our leadership and organizational development professionals have dozens of different methods and certifications for working with groups and individuals and developing leadership

Our services

Verona is your trusted partner on your transformation journey. We support organizations in business transformations focusing on developing organizations, clarifying your strategic focus and ensuring the implementation of change.




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