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We believe that a culture based on continuous learning and agile management are key factors in accelerating change and achieving measurable results in a rapidly changing and dynamic business environment.

Change programs

Do you want to ensure a successful implementation of change? We believe that effective change programs that get people committed will speed up the implementation of change and increase your chances of successfully achieving the desired change goals. We implement change programs together with our customers, ensuring their effectiveness.

Are you ready to take your transformation to the next level?

At Verona Consulting, we support our clients in accelerating change, utilizing our strong expertise, and extensive experience. We offer practical support in sustainable business change.

Agile change programs – Successful application of business changes that support the implementation of the strategy is generally not an easy task! It goes without saying that change requires careful planning, and plans must be adapted and utilized flexibly throughout the entire change process. Therefore, systematic and agile change program and project management, involving people, and monitoring the realization of benefits are central to achieving success and measurable results.

Customer-oriented processes and Lean thinking – The current Lean approach integrates Lean principles into the organization’s strategy, management model, programs and culture. At best, continuous improvement is established as a part of the organization’s values ​​and is supported, among other things, by visual management, the active participation of management, and the development of a competent Lean community.

Sales and customer management – are key parts of an organization’s growth and success. Strong expertise in service business, solution sales, and customer relationship management support your organization in achieving business goals and creating long-term customer relationships. The goal is a better understanding of customers’ needs and creating value for them.

Change management and employee commitment – ​​High-quality change management requires inspiring and practical change leadership. Effective change management helps the organization to plan, implement, and establish changes that support the growth and success of the organization. At the center of a successful change in your organization are people because the commitment and support of the personnel are crucial factors enabling the change to be successful.

The benefits of working with us

  • We have extensive experience in supporting continuous improvement and clients’ challenging change journeys in both the private and public sectors.
  • We support the creation and management of agile change programs that flexibly adapt to changes in direction and new priorities.
  • We tailor customer-specific solutions based on identified customer needs, enabling you to develop holistically and strengthen your leadership skills.
  • Our approach combines business strategy and a human perspective to ensure that change takes root sustainably. Employees stay involved in the change journey without feeling lost.

Our services

Verona is your trusted partner on your transformation journey.
We will support you in designing strategy, building capabilities and accelerating change.

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