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The company


Verona is an expert company specialising in the growth, continuity and wealth management of entrepreneurial driven companies. We act as the personal advisor of entrepreneurs and family members at all stages of the lifecycle of companies and entrepreneurship, starting from the establishment of a company, and then through the stages of  growth, business re-structuring, internationalisation, change of generations and ownership, and the management of accumulated wealth.

Our primary tools include services related to personal and corporate taxation, ownership arrangements, wealth management, and their implementation. Our goal is to provide our clients with valuable business and financial benefits, which we always present in a transparent and clear way.

A trusted advisor at all stages of entrepreneurship and ownership

Trusted advisor in all stages of Entrepreneurship and ownership


Customer understanding

We provide our clients with the best possible customised solutions related to taxation, ownership and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to act as the trusted advisor for our clients, by  understanding their overall situation, their individual needs and their future plans, and developing a long-term relationship based around adding value. We aim to fully understand the goals of our client and their operations. Only in this way can we truly help our clients in the best possible manner.


Our understanding of entrepreneurship is based on the experience we have gained through many years, as we have worked closely with Finnish and international entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurship is characterised by the following concepts:

  • clear focus
  • passion
  • 100% commitment to the best for clients
  • business-minded and cost-efficient thinking
  • innovation
  • the imperative to produce quality and added value
  • standing behind one’s decisions

These are the qualities we cherish in everything we do.


We have three basic values:

  • reliability
  • openness
  • honesty

Our operations are transparent and open towards all our stakeholders.

Mutual respect and partnership

The concept of being a trusted advisor and the will to provide our clients with the best possible service demands that we respect each other and are willing to share information in a clear transparent way. As none of us are experts in everything, the maximisation of added value is based on an uncomplicated and open cooperation. This  lays a solid foundation, enabling us to provide our customers with the best possible service, and building trusted relationships with other partners as needed.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a pioneer in the provision of expert services for entrepreneurs, their businesses and families. We seek to understand the person behind the company, and we want to offer comprehensive and customised services, regardless of the size of the company. Together, we can also find a solution even the most difficult situations. Our motto is: “An optimist is never disappointed.” We believe in our clients and their companies. We want to make all of our expertise available to our clients. Believe in us – we believe in you.

Our philosophy

We want to see the big picture. We believe that, by understanding the unique and total needs of owners, their businesses and families, we can be one step ahead of everyone else.
Goals, responsibility and our aim to produce added value for our clients are the cornerstones of our operations.
We know that our success depends on extensive expertise, combined with creativity, asking the correct questions and, above all, listening to and understanding our clients. We encourage our employees to achieve great outcomes for our clients by working together and being innovative.
We appreciate diversity and transparency, and we want to provide everyone with equal opportunities to develop to the maximum in their work. All of this is based on mutual appreciation and respect.